Water Well Drilling


Drilling a Water Well?

Petro-Lud wants you to have a successful water well that supplies your needs, is designed to the highest standards and can be depended on for many years to come. This requires more than just dropping a bit on the ground and turning to the right.

When you decide you need to drill a well for domestic or agriculture use, you want to be sure that the proper steps are followed to ensure a clean, reliable, productive well that meets your GPM needs.


Choosing a Site

Before the rig is even moved onto location, choosing the proper site must be considered, as this could mean the difference between an adequate or inadequate supply. Although your driller cannot control the amount of water that might be underneath your property, they can help you with this process.



After you have chosen a site, your driller will file the proper permits and submit them to the county for review and approval.



The next step is the actual drilling of the well. GPM’s, depth of the water level and pump size need to be considered so that a properly sized hole is drilled. We can help you make these decisions, but we have to know your ultimate use and needs.


Developing the Well

Once the well is drilled, it must be cleaned, or developed, to flush out the fines or rock particles left from the drilling operation. Development is done by bailing or surging that forces water at high velocities through the newly drilled wellbore. Developing a well is something that a quality well driller should provide. Properly developed wells will yield more water than poorly developed wells.


Pump Test

After the well is developed, a pump test must be performed by your selected contractor to determine the sustained pumping capacity of the well. For the best outcome on your well, be sure to use a driller who can complete a pump test or is working closely with a pump company that can.

Petro-Lud can work with you to locate and drill a water well that will meet your needs!


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