A Background in Land,
a Future in Service

Petro-Lud, Inc. is an independent drilling and service company for oil, gas, water and geothermal wells. Petro-Lud, Inc was founded in 2012 and is focused primarily in the oil-rich, and agriculturally-significant, central valley of California.

The Chief Operating Officer, Clayton Ludington, is a California businessman who has been involved in the oil and gas E&P business since 2000. His early foundation was doing land work for various major oil and gas companies in the US. He has 13 years of competitive lease play experience in the Continental US with Petro Hunt LLC, Clayton Williams Energy, Yates Petroleum and Antero Resources. He also has eight years experience in the San Joaquin Basin for the Hillman Group, Yates Petroleum, Cimarex, Western Energy and Clayton Williams Energy. He was part of a team responsible for leasing/assembling over 250,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley for Yates Petroleum, Clayton Williams Energy, Occidental Petroleum and the Hillman Group.

Most recently Clayton was a Senior Landman with Western Energy Production and oversaw the leasing and title work of over 100,000 acres in the San Joaquin Basin in which Western Energy LLC successfully aggregated and sold a large percentage of to a local major California oil and gas operator in 2011.

The future for Petro-Lud rests on the promise that its clients will receive the best, most professional and cost effective service for their oil, gas, water and geothermal wells regardless if it is a new drill, a workover or a water well.

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